Clifton W. Everett Library Modernization

Pitt Community College hired MHAworks to reconfigure the Clifton W. Everett Building to
accommodate the technology and social functions demanded in modern libraries. The book
stacks were reorganized to enable the library’s structure to facilitate loud and quiet
multipurpose educational spaces. The library’s first floor features open and vibrant spaces
where students can meet, collaborate on projects, and have ample space to study. The second
floor of this building is reserved for the library’s book collection and is designated quiet space
for students who need a calm environment to work on assignments.

An aspect of the design to note is the incorporation of lighting fixtures throughout the main
lobby and the designated quiet space on the second floor. These fixtures not only add to the
aesthetics of the space giving the library a modern feel, but also enhance the acoustics to aid in
noise reduction.


Pitt Community College
Winterville, NC
Community Support
ADA Assessment & Design
Interior Design