Basic Law Enforcement Training Facility

Pitt Community College’s Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is a public safety training facility within the North Carolina Community College System. This spacious facility cultivates student learning both in the classroom and through real-world simulation.

There are a total of five classrooms of varying sizes and technological capabilities, depending on the needs of the class curriculum. One of these classrooms features a 10-foot RACO aluminum storefront wall system with sliding doors along with a smart board teaching wall that encourages engagement between professors and students. The BLET facility fully integrates technology by allowing students to perform test driving in a simulation room and shooting in a simulation room.

Staying true to the needs of a traditional educational building, this design includes a lobby,
administrative offices, storage closets, and a student break room with space for meal storage, a vending machine, and seating. The building also maintains tall ceilings and new LED lights that make the entire facility feel large and open.

Pitt Community College
Winterville, NC
Construction Administration
Interior Design
Space Management