Bella Trio Studio

Bella Trio Studio is a leading salon and spa located on the American Tobacco Campus in Durham. The studio was designed to match the campus’ industrial aesthetic and features exposed ceilings with a clean interior design and natural lighting. The existing 2,700-square-foot space was renovated to also include new poured concrete floors, mechanical units, and electrical and plumbing systems.

The space constraints offered the designers a positive challenge to meet all the program requirements. MHAworks also had to include creative storage solutions that were hidden from the public. The space is clean and inviting, with white semigloss walls and light blue accents, balanced with dark luxury vinyl wood plank flooring. The space’s acoustics were a concern, as the studio has a vibrant salon side and a calming massage side, so finding the balance between these zones was crucial.

Bella Trio Studio
Durham, NC
Interior Design