UNC Health Receives New Emergency Department Transition Unit

Sep 25 2020

MHAworks has finalized construction on the Emergency Department Transition Unit for UNC Medical Center’s Neurosciences Hospital. Previously an ENT and Psychiatric Clinic, this 21,000 square foot renovation transformed the clinical space into 36-bed transition unit for the Emergency Department.

The purpose behind this renovation was to improve the care capabilities for medical and behavioral health emergencies by designating 12 rooms for medical use, 12 rooms for behavioral health, and 12 rooms that are flexible depending on the department’s needs.

Creating an environment that is both safe and therapeutic for patients, visitors, and employees was a major priority for UNC Health. Features of this transition unit include durable and hygienic surfaces that are easy to clean and tamper resistant to better protect patients from self-harm. Extra support spaces were included in the final design for employees to have a larger workspace.