Two of Four Phases for North Carolina Global Transpark Complete

Jul 15 2020

The first two phases of the North Carolina Global Transpark project are officially complete. After Hurricane Florence took a toll on the Kinston Regional Jetport Terminal, the North Carolina Department of Transportation hired MHAworks to repair the damage done to the terminal building.

Phase one of this project focused on interior work to a 3,000 square foot office space in the south end of the Jetport. The site was budgeted at $1.6 million for maintenance and interior work due to pipes bursting during a period of low temperature, water damage and high humidity issues on the site, unconditioned airflow throughout the building, and sagging ceiling tiles. At the same time, MHAworks investigated potential Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements to the space.

Phase two of the project focused on replacing the existing 42,000 square foot roof while maintaining its existing aesthetic but added insulation and improved the thermal performance of the assembly. While replacing the $750,000 roof, skylights were examined to see if lighting in the space could be improved and water leakage could be stopped.

Phases three and four that includes renovating the remainder of the interior space and new mezzanine level upfit, respectively, are currently underway and are scheduled to be completed in 2021.