MHAworks Completes East Campus Housing for TROSA Program

Nov 23 2020

Ready to welcome female residents into their new home, MHAworks has completed two resident buildings on TROSA’s east campus.

TROSA is a recovery program that provides free and safe housing, meals, health care, counseling, vocational training, and education credentials to those who have struggled with substance abuse. To better assist their residents in their recovery and create space to welcome more residents seeking help, TROSA hired MHAworks to help assess their existing facilities and available land on their campus to define deficiencies and needed repairs along with future building opportunities.

For many years, female residents in the TROSA program have resided in a building located miles away from the program’s main campus. This location was inconvenient and required daily travel to the main campus for classes, medical appointments, counseling, program activities, and special events.

The new residence is located across the street from the main campus and will provide a variety of living spaces including common spaces, beauty rooms, shared bathrooms, single, double, and triple resident rooms, rooms with multiple beds, and apartments for senior residents that features a common space, kitchenette, bathroom, and in-unit laundry. Furniture and decorations were donated from various sources to benefit the residents.