ECU Health Sciences Campus Student Services Center Achieves LEED Gold

Aug 19 2021
ECU student services center with LEED Gold certification badge

This just in: East Carolina University (ECU) Health Sciences Campus Student Services Center achieved LEED Gold Certification by U.S. Green Building Council!

LEED certification showcases a commitment to sustainability in the building industry, as LEED Buildings strive to reduce energy use, resource consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. LEED certified buildings can also improve occupants’ health and well-being through promoting indoor air quality and access to daylight.

Achieving LEED Gold is a huge milestone for ECU, Rodgers Builders, and the design team of MHAworks, Steinberg Hart, Stewart, Lynch Mykins, NV5, and AEI. We are proud of the talented group of designers, engineers, and contractors that worked to make this certification possible!